The Body is my Temple Meditation Workshop

4 day Meditation Workshop working through the Chakras held over 4 Saturday's from 10am - 4pm

  • Date: 21/04/2018 10:00 AM - 12/05/2018 04:00 PM
  • Location: 75 Kingsway, Kingsgrove, New South Wales, Australia (Map)
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My Body is my Temple Meditation Workshop
A manual will be provided as well as morning and afternoon tea. Bring a pen, bottle of water and wear comfortable clothing. If you would like to bring lunch there is a fridge and microwave available. Parking is available opposite the studio and in the mini carpart located on the left hand side of studio. Access is via the back lane located directly behind the studio. It is advised to avoid consuming red meat and alcohol the night before.
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - My Body is my Temple Meditation Workshop
Early Bird Special is valid until Saturday, 7th April 2018





During this workshop we explore the mind, body, spirit connection  by exploring the functions of the Chakras and how they relate to our emotional, spiritual and physical well being through meditation, dance, writing and storytelling.  Through this journey you will have the opportunity to explore the relationship between body, mind, emotion and energy and how within the sacred Temple of the Body it all aligns and relates to one another.  As you move into the deeper part of yourself you will experience a heighten sense of awareness of your own, physical and energy presence as well as your emotional and psychic abilities . During this workshop we will cover:

-  What is meditation and it's benefits 

-  How meditation is essential to our physical health, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
-  Working through the 7 main Chakras, their function and meditation practice to enhance and balance their       energy health.
-  Explore how meditation can expand and enhance your psychic development.

-  How to understand your own energy space and the energy space of others and your environment.

This workshop is designed to allow you to physically experience the learning in order to embody the sacredness of energy and the multi-dimensional being you are. 

This is offered for the first time at Whispered Insights. For more information, contact me on 0425 280 815 or via