Marie-Anne Foundoukakis
Owner and Founder

Mentor and Counsellor in Personal and Spiritual Development, Meditation Facilitator

Marie-Anne is a gifted psychic and intuitive reader, Ashati Master, Meditation Facilitator, and has completed a Counselling Diploma. She has trained in Theta Healing®, Past Life Regression Therapy, Medical Intuition and is currently studying a Post Graduate course in Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT).

Her passion for what she does is apparent in the many workshops she has facilitated in Psychic and Personal Development and The Journey Through the Tarot. As well as public speaking events introducing meditation and it’s benefits into the corporate arena.

Marie-Anne’s journey started over 25 years ago with her introduction to the Tarot. During this time, she explored how this ancient tool, or ‘sacred book of life’ as she likes to refer it to, still resonates with today’s spiritual lessons, want’s and desires found in the Major Arcana and how we navigate through these lessons by one or more approaches found in the Minor Arcana, being emotional, analytical, physical and practical. This understanding then slowly ignited a growing passion in Marie-Anne to study and understand human nature and what beliefs, values and emotions motivate one person from the next to attain love, happiness and fulfillment. As we move through the 21st Century it has become apparent to Marie-Anne the underlying presence of disconnect to Self, in so many, manifested by crippling fear and anxiety birthed from limiting beliefs and inner negative stories that keep them shackled into a state of helplessness, hopelessness, procrastination, boredom, frustration, depression and anger; robing their right to experience a life of self-love, happiness, fulfillment, connected relationships, meaning, growth and physical vitality.   

Marie-Anne, therefore has made it her purpose to be an effective facilitator for change by helping people bring to their conscious awareness, or into view, the untapped potential and strength that lurks in the shadows of the unconscious mind. Time is currency and Marie-Anne understands the importance in getting effective results in a short period of time to begin living the life you were born to live.

She brings to every session, strong intuition, deep wisdom, compassion and understanding armed with a sense of humour and a fierce determination and belief that every decision can create a different destiny to the one you have settled with. And although her approach at times is direct and confronting, she dares to challenge the sleeping beast within.

 A session with Marie-Anne whether it be through a reading, healing, meditation, counselling, coaching and mentoring will be life changing as she holds a space to motivate you to want a different life and have the courage to walk into the light and out of the darkness forever.