Channeling Sessions with Francine

Channeling Sessions with Francine

Whether you are seeking clarity, guidance, direction or are at a junction or confused by a current situation, a channeling session is beneficial for bringing clarity and a higher perspective to your life.

Francine is a multidimensional clear-conduit channel and medium and your connection to you. She is able to connect you directly with Guidance from higher realms — a loving, caring, purposeful collective of higher consciousness. When you sit with Francine in a channeling journey you experience various perspectives (Spirit Guides, Angels, Soul Family, Galactic family, Guardians and Ascended Masters etc) but what is primarily coming through is your own higher self experience. 

You are already an Infinite Being of Light but you have simply forgot. You have been preparing for your remembering for a very long time and learning many lessons and having many experiences. A channeling session can assist you with clarity about yourself and your life and the recognition of your truth from a higher perspective.

Channeling brings through the words of love and support of your Guidance team so that you hear these messages, and receive answers to your questions directly. Questions during channeling sessions are encouraged. Some question suggestions::

  • your gifts and strengths

  • what you came here to experience or express

  • where you have come from and where you have been

  • what you are currently experiencing and why

  • who is helping you in Spirit

  • how to best assist your progress

To book a session with Francine, please contact Francine directly on 0422 350 923 or via email