Spiritual Counselling/Coaching

A session with Marie-Anne consists of unpacking "the story" to understand your intentions and choices you make on a daily basis, which are motivated by unconscious beliefs, thought processes and patterns. When awareness is brought to these areas of your thinking, magic happens. Why? By exploring the link between your inner dialogue and how it influences your behaviour and moods, true liberation begins to emerge as you realise that you are the author of your own life and no one has control over your mind and emotions except for you. Growing up we are gifted beliefs, and values, limiting attitudes, superstitions and promises from our family group. As young children we don't question it and build our whole existence around it, even protect ourselves within it, no matter if it resonates or not.  However as you become your own person, the realisation that our family's philosophies no longer support you, it can put you in a state of confusion or even despair when you begin to experience the restriction these beliefs and values appose on your own life and truth.   Having the courage to explore your inner world, will allow you to begin experiencing life more fully, empowered and in purpose as appose to feeling like a victim and powerless to life's many twists and turns that at times are beyond your control.

There is a misconception that because you are a good person, you are deserving of goods things only to happen, unfortunately bad things happen to really good people. So a healthy mind set and awareness will help support you through those unexpected storms. Sometimes the light you seek around you,  resides deep within you, and its this light that can release you from the hamster wheel of repetitive patterns taking your life to another level, and giving you the inner strength to alleviate the pain from a broken heart, disappointment, betrayal and the daily pressures of life we all experience in this new age world. 

Using a combination of Counselling and Coaching, my vision is to help you connect with your power of choice and the self mastery of thoughts and emotions to experience personal freedom and liberation from the shackles of your mind.

All sessions are facilitated by Marie-Anne face to face or via Skype or phone. To make an appointment or to receive more information on what is involved in a session, please contact 0425 280 815. or via email whisperedinsights@gmail.com.