Workplace Meditation

Depression and anxiety has become one of the number one reasons for a lot of health and wellbeing issues plaguing today's busy lifestyles. Once upon a time the 'fight/flight' adrenaline would activate to remove oneself from an external danger, however danger is now perceived constantly in high work demands, the rising cost of living, mortgages, bills, social media and the ever present threat of world peace. 

These threats and how one processes these stresses keeps the body in the fight/flight mode without ever reaching the relaxation response needed for the body to rest and restore and feel refreshed the following day. When the body and mind is in constant state of high alert, symptoms such as poor sleep patterns, auto immune disorders, weight gain, diabetes, blood pressure, depression, heart disease and anxiety just to name a few,  begin to physically manifest in the body. When this happens thinking, doing and relating whether it be in the workplace, or home begins to feel fractured and difficult. 

Bringing meditation into the workplace for just 45min a week will create a difference in productivity, memory retention, concentration, less sick days, improvement in critical and lateral thinking and most importanty a dramatic improvement in workplace relationships. Whether you are in a high powered position or the first point of call in the company, meditation will leave you wondering why it hasn't been an essential part of your daily health and wellbeign regime and a weekly appointment in the diary.

All meditations are facilitated by Marie-Anne. For more information on corporate packages, please contact me on 0425 280 815 or via my email