Francine Commeignes

Francine Commeignes
Multi-dimensional Channel, Grand Master Ashati Healer, Spiritual Evolution Mentor and Intuitive Artist, Teacher

Francine is a multidimensional clear-conduit channel and medium and your connection to you. She is able to connect you directly with Guidance from higher realms — a loving, caring, purposeful collective of higher consciousness. When you sit with Francine in a channeling journey you experience various perspectives (Spirit Guides, Angels, Soul Family, Galactic family, Guardians and Ascended Masters etc) but what is primarily coming through is your own higher self experience.

Francine is a GrandMaster Ashati Practitioner. This means she has completed the entire 4 level training programs of the Ashati System which incorporate a wide variety of healing modalities. She is able to offer the advanced etheric / physical healing energies of Ascension and Alsemia (13) to the Ashati, Reiki and Seichim Master Healing energies. This energy combination triggers profound relaxation and can greatly speed up the natural healing processes of the mind, body and spirit.

To add to Francine's many abilities, she is also know for her Intuitive Art: Soul Light Portraits

Francine incorporates her channeling and artistic abilities to create works of art that reflecting your True Heart and Soul Light. These personalised artworks open the doorway to a much deeper connection to the gifts and wisdom of your Divine Higher Self. Francine will access messages, images and codes directly from your highest guidance and transfer these to canvas.