1 hour Session

Healing through Crystal Light Frequency facilitated by Litsa.

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Theragem represents the marriage of ancient knowledge and traditional uses of gem stones for healing with twenty-first century technology, using low level light and frequency. Crystal Light Therapy (also known as dielectric resonance) is an alternative approach to healing that uses a blend of wave frequency, color, light and crystalline energy to re-balance your body on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level which naturally encourages your body to release vital hormones and endorphins. This in turn relieves physical pain, boost localized healing and shift negative moods.

Theragem Crystal Light Therapy is non-contact and non-invasive and will not harm you. There are no known contra-indicators to its use. It encourages you body’s own innate healing responses.

As an intuitive healer I have always been drawn and fascinated by crystals and their amazing vibrations and healing properties.  So when I found Theragem Crystal Light Therapy I know instantly this was the next chapter for me as a healer to help other on a much deeper leverl.

Over the past 3 years as a Theragem Crystal Light Therapist, combined with my strong intuition I have witnessed profound shifts in clients who have suffered from anxiety and depression, arthritis, prolapsed disc, infertility, IBS, MS, weak immune system, sciatica, fibromyalgia, asthma, pain, chronic fatigue, eczema/psoriasis, ulcers, stroke recovery, Parkinson's and many other health related issues. It also heighten's psychic senses , removes deep emotional blocks and slows down the aging process.

I am the only Theragem Crystal Light Therapist in Australia and I welcome you to experience such a transformational healing modality.