Friday Morning Meditation Circle (10 - 11.30am)

Health and Well Being Circle the doorway to Good Health and Vitality, facilitated by Marie-Anne

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This is a weekly Friday morning circle designed to improve overall health and wellbeing on a mental, emotional and physical level. The way to exceptional good health and mental vitality is by cultivating a disciplined mind.  

Meditation is about taming the inner critical and negative talk. The voice in your head that tells you you're not good enough, or you can't do that, or be that, or who do you think you are ? ..sound familiar? There is an epidemic of anxiety and depression fueled by this fast pace world we currently live in, advanced technology and social media bombarding our senses with if you don't have this, look like this, or do that, you will miss out! etc, etc. It is affecting all age groups and demographics becoming the new disease of the mind.  

Meditation quietens all of this down by bringing your senses back to present, back to Self, back to the ability to be grateful for all the little things in life that go by your awareness unnoticed yet when tapped into, can provide a solid platform of profound peace and harmony to stand on when navigating through any emotional storm or challenge.

How we think is how we will feel; How you feel is how you will perceive the world around you. Where you will either see life's cup half empty or abundantly full. All it takes is a small internal shift of perspective to create profound change and meditation is key in disciplining the mind to help refocus it's awareness back to the inner Self where your inner strength, peace and harmony resides and the life you always knew you could live begins to birth.

Meditation helps improve concentration, and performance, decreases anxiety, depression, feelings of guilt, anger, disconnection and fear along with the physical benefits of lowered blood pressure, an improvement in heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune disorders and the list goes on.

During this session, you will be guided through a visualisation meditation aimed at bringing your awareness to the "inner emotional and mental dis-ease" to help guide you back into the mind, emotion, body alignment.

For more information on the benefits of Meditation, please contact Marie-Anne on 0425 280 815.