My name is Marie-Anne and I am the founder and creator of Whispered Insights. My passion for healing has guided me to help and heal the mind and spirits of those who come to my door.

This of course started with my healing and the transformation I continue to experience with every crossroad I come across. By examining my own limiting beliefs and blind spots, I can get a sense of what is blocking me from tapping into my full potential or embarking on an unfamiliar path. This constant awareness has therefore been my driving force to create a space whereby I can help others tap into such a space within themselves to become a master of their own life, and not stay stuck in fear and indecision.

If just for a moment you can imagine you are a sum of many parts, you will notice that there is a part that can be very critical and another that collapses under criticism. Well, this is the part that keeps you stuck and indecisive. My purpose is to help you become aware of the many different parts within you and to build a relationship with them, so they can work as a cohesive partnership and not as two teams in a tug-of-war match. Anxiety and depression have become major social challenges in our new world. It does not discriminate and robs one of joy and opportunity. Using processes such as chair work, meditation, and focusing gives space to unpack the inner dialogue to give words to the emotions, that hold one hostage in the grip of terror and despair.

By working together within a therapeutic partnership, we explore these different patterns, that for the most part, have been set up in childhood, identify them, and then begin building a new relationship with them. To do this I draw on intuitive and psychological methodologies together with processes to help you begin the journey back to a renewed sense of self, inner freedom, purpose, and empowerment.

Whispered Insights is known for its guidance, support, and opportunity to awaken your senses and power to live presently and purposefully throughout your life.  I Marie-Anne, look forward to meeting you, being a part of, and mentoring you through your spiritual journey and awakening towards liberation and freedom from within.

The TIME IS NOW to embrace your life, and release the shackles that prevent you from "living the life you were authentically born to live".
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